Creating an Energetic Connection with the Divine

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Looking beyond our life and circumstances can be quite hard.  However, to receive Divine Guidance, this can be done easily as they are a prayer away.  Instead of wanting stuff, and yes we all want stuff and we can, but we have to really start asking for the basic things such as: belief, hope, patience, appreciation, recognition, and love.

Be prepared as your life will be annihilated, turned upside down and re-organised, once you make that connection with the Divine. Your ego will always be there challenging you, but you will see that once you are on your spiritual journey the ego won’t have anything to compare the experience to, and so the doubts that would normally rattle your mind won’t be there.  The ego works on reasoning and the ego can’t reason with Spirit, because it is Mystical, Magical, and Spiritual.

When the Divine speaks to you it is in ways that are unexpected, like numbers, blogs, signs, dreams, intuition or gifts such as Mediumship. By experience, the message may not make any sense, but the point is to be aware of the message and listen. You may not realise that it was the Divine until way down the track when you have the aaaha moment.

Now I love Caroline Myss and I created this from information I read and listened too and wanted to create a blog based on how we are affected energetically on our spiritual journey.  Going through four phases to obtain that Divine Guidance is:

  1. Farewell
  2. Gloom
  3. En-Route
  4. Co-Creating

These phases can happen within the major events or even the smaller events in life.



This period is where you want to unplug yourself from the distractions in and around your life, that are no longer serving you.  You have had enough. The surroundings, people, place, same situations, repeated patterns and negative influences that take away and are no longer adding value in your life.  Things become difficult, overly complicated and or destructive.

The ego has a lot to say when you are ready to say Farewell.

There is a law of cause and effect, where you make a decision or action and get an outcome, such as, go to work and get paid, go to college and get a high position in a job, and marry and be happy forever.  As you decide to detach yourself from this pattern that we as human beings call life we energetically remove ourselves from the world of human perception, developing issues with trust, falling into anxiety, sadness or depression.  Everything seems to unravel, however, it is necessary to go through this stage to get to the next.

Doom and Gloom


Knowing that our Root or Base Chakra holds the energy for feeling safe, grounded and stable will be the first area to start to get some sort of energetic pain.  This is because your spirit is trying to find solid ground.  It no longer fits or wishes to fit in the world that existed previously for it.  You are a stranger in your own life while everyone else continue to moves on.  However, in saying this, the emotional crisis may also come at a time when you are very happy.  This is profound as our Heavenly Father or our Angels are directing us to now go through the Doom and Gloom to make that transition to find out real purpose in life.

You may find yourself creating a healthier living by meditating, investigating spirituality, eating healthy or simply making positive changes such as giving up alcohol or smoking.


Caroline Myss then goes into saying, “you feel your efforts should be rewarded.  When that doesn’t happen, you experience the breakdown of your concepts of the Divine, which always includes the core of your expectations of the Divine.”


This simply means that there are still lessons we may need to learn and to not expect anything.  This is a time of learning, embracing and understanding why the old and new lessons are in place.  You are been guided to be the best version of yourself during this period.



This is where, on your spiritual journey, you completely understand what is occurring now, when we no longer have these expectations of the Divine.


The saying that I see myself saying daily is, “When everything seems like it’s falling apart that’s when God is putting things together just the way He wants it.”


You will have that feeling, “OK I am ready for the next step I now understand.”  You surrender all to God to allow him to guide you completely and listen intently to your intuition and guidance.



Co-creating with the Divine is where we are finally living in appreciation and gratitude to the Divine, you no longer have expectations but a knowing that all is well as you manifest and co-create with Him. I constantly find myself grateful for all my challenges and blessings daily, so grateful for everything whether small or big, because I know they are working with me.  Understanding how the Divine, Angels, Guides and Ascendant Masters work with you and give you what serves you for your highest good.

And in Caroline Myss’s words, “Appreciating life becomes your spiritual practice.”

2 thoughts on “Creating an Energetic Connection with the Divine

  1. Well that cleared some clouds of confusion and answered some questions 🙂 I feel like I can understand this blog so much easier than past ones that I have tried to inform myself with, everything makes sense. I’m not having to google phrases and meanings, it just clicks.

    Thank you Luisa!

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