Welcome to Tuning Into Spirit – A Little About Me


Kia ora, my name is Luisa

Through my own spiritual awakening, my Soul has connected to my past lives as an Ancient Shaman. I am continuously expanding and reconnecting to my past lives as a Shaman, to bring to the present the ancient ways of healing including my connection to Source and Gaia. My purpose is to untangle as many humans and their souls from the life they believe to be true, empowering and embracing their own self and that of their higher selves.

Teaching others how to grow their own Soul to become more attuned to the Divine Consciousness, Energy, Mother Gaia, Universe and Soul Purpose.

After my own Shamanic Journey, I learned how important it was to release old wounds, the past that no longer serves you, thoughts of the old self, behavioural patterns, the belief systems “BS” of others that make impressions on your own authentic truth, importance of connecting and becoming one with your consciousness and in essence the universe, and to understanding energy in its entirety.

My goal is to help others explore their own path by guiding and holding space for them on their own journey.

There is always a trigger that forces you to look within, mine was a car accident. You will see dynamic changes in your life, normally one that dis-empowers you at first, making you want to change your whole life by shaking you up.

Here are is an ever expanding list of what I do in my role as a Shaman:

Medical Intuitive
Energy Healing and Healing through Vocals
Channel for Spirit
Spiritual Coach
Life Coach
Telepathy – Transference of images to another person or group
Astral Journey’s
Divine Connection
Strong connection with Mother Earth

Love, Light and Grace

Luisa xo

My page & shop

My group – weekly topics and threads for healing and open discussion


Uncovering your true north

Free 15 minute Session to receive insight on how I can help you on a one-to-one basis



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Tuning Into Spirit – A Little About Me

  1. Hello Luisa, I also just read Amanda De Warren mentioning you on her facebook page. You are quite welcome to practice reading on me as well if you have the time. My name is Merilyn Cumner. I am not sure if I am at the correct place here so I will email you as well. Wishing you all the best Luisa, I believe a grand adventure is ahead of you.


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