What are Lightworkers?


In essence, Lightworker’s are people who have woken up to their soul’s purpose. Everyone is a Lightworker, and we work as a collective to heal and love others. It is activated in us only if you are willing, want to or know how to awaken this part of yourself.

By working as a collective, Lightworker’s also are driven to share the Divines love and light to the world. They seek out what their purpose is here on Earth, to find out what they need to do, and what is their role as a human being. Discovering this side of themselves opens up doors they didn’t think were possible, empowering them to fulfil their mission.


Prior to descending to Earth, we create a soul contract, a mission on what we need to accomplish in this life, made together with Angelic Beings. To fulfil this soul contract, we need to go through the highs and lows of our Earthly experiences to spiritually awaken this side of ourselves as a Lightworker.

You may think that a lot of these characteristics listed below are similar to the total population, but we need to remember we are all Lightworker’s. Once they’re spiritually awakened they tend to become highly sensitive, even more so. Their characteristics become clearer, they understand why they have them and what they need these for. Lightworker’s can detect and have heightened awareness, to keep themselves and others safe. Focusing on healing others, share light and love, to bring peace in their lives and others.

Characteristics include:

You recognize that you are different to others….
Kind, compassionate, thoughtful, empathy, empathic, Psychic, Medium, Healer, Creative, highly sensitive emotionally, sights and sounds, all of the Clair’s, trouble fitting in, lonely, crave of love and acceptance.

You don’t like to live under a control based system such as governments……
Irritated by inconsiderate people, arrogance, little tolerance for negative people, don’t like structure where it doesn’t really serve the people and the earth in general.

You want to help others including those you can’t be around…..
Healing, giving a lot and expecting zero in return, so much so that others can drain you psychically “Psychic Vampires”.

You no longer want to be part of this Planet because of the destruction
May have suffered as a child or adult, both of which have tested your Spirit, an inner urgency, and restlessness.

You feel all the pain and suffering of the people and planet….
Drawn to occupations that help people and the planet such as humanitarian, environmental causes, animals, energy healing, medical, psychological, life coaching.

You are opened about spiritual topics such as psychic abilities, healing, ascension, readings etc….
Creativity, tapping into resources you didn’t realise were spiritually aligned.

We know that we are working towards something that our own mind cannot comprehend, it is BIGGER than us……
Higher Purpose, soul contract, more to life than what you know before awakening, selfless acts.

Love and Blessings

Luisa xo


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