1st Chakra – Base or Root


The Base Chakra is all about survival, instincts, security physically and financially, health both mental and physical, safety and stability, both within and on the externally on this physical plane called Earth. The Chakra’s other name is the Root Chakra since it roots the body and the soul to the Earth, and when sitting on the Earth it is like the Foot Chakras and draws its energy from the ground. It is your main power station and it is connected to your physical vitality (explained within the Foot Chakra Blog) and stamina. It nurtures your most basic needs and desires, first and foremost the desire to live. When it is healthy there is a life-force that has a strong connection to your family, cultural principles and a strong sense of connection to our worldwide network. Feeling part of the greater collective here on our planet and are profoundly linked to our Mother Earth. The energy is reflected of Earth with the Ruby Colour Red.

Our Base Chakra is created from when you but a child when we learn and are able to understand the belief systems that are set in place by the adults that surround us. So as you can imagine in our young years as an immature and very vulnerable self, trying to survive the obstacles we faced so early in life. Listening and believing these systems were real and in actual fact they are just limitations which are not real. Obviously not knowing this as a child, we as adults tend to be fearful of letting go of these beliefs, because we either have a lack of confidence, lack of trust and poor personal boundaries of yourself and others around you, which causes imbalances as an adult.

As we all know our belief systems that we were raised under can influence our beliefs into our adult lives. The best way to work on this is firstly, do these beliefs sit well with you. Do they resonate with you on a vibration you feel is authentic to you? Then look into:

Mother or Father issues. This is a huge one even though you might feel like it isn’t there are issues that can cause duress with boundaries, were there too much or not enough boundaries? Were you told to be quiet often and not listened to as a child? Or were there other boundary issues with other adults or siblings in your life that affected you and who you are now? Were you abandoned to then be left to your own devices and not feel safe or secure? Write these down and uncover what issues you are still dealing with and need to reassess what you want to bring forward into your life now and what belief systems you wish to let go of.


Go into meditation and meet your inner child and comfort them and bring your inner child forward to be looked after by you. You are the adult now and you need to assimilate your inner child spiritually into who you are today. You are not the same person you were then.

As the Foot Chakras explain it is important to ground yourself daily to help with this process for your Base Chakra. It helps you to really step forward and live in the present, feel safe, secure, stable, healthy and in turn the ability to survive and naturally more instinctive.


Emotional, Mental and Physical Gifts

Ability to relax, concentrate, set goals, prioritize, love, be passionate, safe, secure, balanced, stable, excited, driven, physical health inside and out and energetic.


Balancing of this Chakra supports

Energizes the Body
Immune System

In connection to

Community & tribe
Ability to be grounded


Blocks or Imbalanced Symptoms


Weight & eating conditions


Cramps and or Inflammation of the lower extrameties






Graves Disease

Hashimotos Thyroiditis (Underactive Thyroid)

Celiac Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Lower back pain

General joint pain

Immune disorders

Constipation or Bowel Issues

Unable to accept changes easily and boundaries can be challenging

No financial security or a lot of financial success but not willing to share or enjoy this financial abundance with yourself or others you are connected to on this Earth


Excessive stress, anxiety, fear or sadness that can turn into depression


Narrow-mindedness, negative cynical & lack of concentration. Unable to support others or yourself

Living in a dream state or what they call living in your head closed off to the world around you, a feeling of a strong disconnection to the people, yourself and anything of this world. Also called isolation or blocking of reality.

Choosing to not live in the present, always living in the past or future


Feeling of abandonment





Anxiety & Anger



Not connected to one’s core self, soul, or spirit

Inner child work from belief systems set in place in childhood

Not living in the present and therefore unable to connect with Source

Blocking of your own spirituality due to the physical stresses in your own physical self that affects your soul

Affirmations – Louise Hay


I trust the process of life

I know that life always supports me and takes care of me

I am lovable and loved

All is well, everything is working out to my highest good, out of this situation only good will come, I AM SAFE


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