2nd Chakra – Sacral


The Sacral Chakra is our 2nd chakra in our energetic system and is located around 2 inches below our belly button. The colour as you would have guessed already is orange, but, is also known to be a rainbow colour and is the source of all our emotions.
You guessed it, it is directly related to our relationships, not just to others whether a partner, work colleague, child, it also relates to the relationship to yourself. It holds all our energies that relate to all things whether physical, living and breathing, our connection to ourselves and stuff. Our creativity and sexual energies are held here in this chakra, giving our ability to mother by nurturing and giving birth to new ideas, children and the creation of what we co-create into our lives.

As I have mentioned in my blog “Meet Your Shadow” it is important to consciously interact with others, ourselves (self-worth, self-acceptance, being in your own company and loving the energy you have, both shadow and light) and to consciously create the ebb and flow of our own life force to manifest within us and embracing change.

You may be dealing with Sacral Chakra wounding and imbalances, which are created in our childhood again through belief systems and discipline, that you become confused with and in turn don’t embrace what authentically feels right for you.

This also the relationship we have with ourselves which plays a huge part in our ability to build financial freedom through our creative powers.


Emotional, Mental and Physical Gifts

healthy appetite, sexuality, boundaries & senses, vitality, energetic, curious, explorer, autonomous, joyful, hopeful, lively, keen, tender, nurturer, able to cope with instability of emotions, determination, enthusiasm, wisdom, wealth, imaginative and nourishment.


Balancing of this Chakra supports

Sexual Organs
Large Intestine
Lower Vertebrae
Hip Area
Urinary Bladder


In connection to



Blocks or Imbalanced Symptoms



Financial Struggles

Back Pain

Urinary, Bladder & Kidney Issues

Gynaecological Cysts

Loss of Appetite

Knee, Foot, Menstrual Abnormalities

Sexual Dysfunction (low or overactive libido) & Infertility (miscarriage’s, irregular menstrual cycles)

Prostrate problems

Have addictive behaviour patterns (alcohol, drugs, self-harm etc.)


Low Self-Esteem or living in the Ego (Over-Confident where the ego takes over causing insensitivity)


Poor Boundaries & Interaction



Develop co-dependences easily

Attach excessively to others


Excessive Mood Swings


Flamboyant or Loud

Attention Seeker

Emotional Dependence


Are pessimistic

Suffer with depression

Negative emotions that cause destruction to you and others such as envy, jealousy, rage or anger



Over Sensitive

Disengaged from your feeling

Blocking Your Creative Flow of Ideas


Not feeling worthy of experiencing happiness, love or even pleasure

Fantasise about conditions rather than living them fully, this is also a form of self-doubt

Affirmations – Louise Hay


No person, place or thing has any power over me, for I am the only thinker in my mind

I release the need to struggle, I trust the Universe to take care of me

I now go beyond other people’s fears and imitations. I create my life

Life agrees with me. I assimilate the new every moment of every day. All is well

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