Luisa’s Personal Spiritual Awakening


I was going to write an article based on my learning from Deepak Chopra, but, I will do this tomorrow. The article is on Higher States of Consciousness which talks about our own awareness of what we really think is real.

Instead, I’m going to share a story of my own awakening process. Still journeying through my awakening is constant work, keeping me in that realm on a daily basis.

As we have touched on a lot already in regards to light worker’s, energy, and consciousness, which does discuss various ways of spiritually awakening ones’ self. Once you or we become aware of what is truly real versus limiting beliefs, we emanate ones’ understanding that life is miraculous and blissful.

My story just like everyone else’s blows my mind still to this day, here it goes


Other than the physical and psychological symptoms I suffered after the car accident, this was the beginning of my journey with Spirit. My previous personality or roles that I assumed were me, were no longer there for me to grasp, I was completely different. I literally fell down a rabbit hole that took me on a journey, yet to reveal itself to me.

Looking at my own reflection and my family’s suffering from this one incident, sent all of us flying out of balance, out of control, and out of sync with one another. We were not the same people.

Leaving behind the parts of a person I once was, strong, passionate about ambition and the thought of it, passionate about challenges, pressuring myself to fit into society and selling the hell out of anything that was placed in front of me. Although my job was solely surrounded by sales, I still had my self-preservations of the integrity of my selling to the company’s customers. Yes, I was employed once by a vicious sales company, many years prior, which really knocked my integrity out of the park. Sales is a very ruthless industry and stressful.


The person I now was, no longer had a back-bone for corporate antics. I couldn’t push myself to suffer where people had no boundaries, sales, face to face communication with colleagues or within business meetings on most fronts, venturing outside for a picnic, movie, milkshake or time with my husband. I isolated myself so much so, I was now suffering, scared, anxious, depressed, highly sensitive, and empathic to my surroundings, both my environment and people. My senses were out of control and everything was a big massive abyss of confusion. When working in environments like this it can be very political and so my stance before the accident was definitely this as well, but, now I could no longer keep up this masquerade.


My husband was suffering and was going through his pain his way but it affected me as I no longer could hold my own head high for us, I had crashed, kap-lunk.

Without touching on my physical injuries, you pretty much get the picture.


Fast forward a few months after the accident, my work suffered severely and to make matters worse for myself I enrolled into a Bachelor of Business Marketing, thinking this was the solution to set myself back into sync of my old self, my old roles. Relationships fell apart at work because I no longer was serving the business the way I used too, working from home the majority of the time because of the above ailments.


By this stage, my senses had picked up so much I now recognized I had Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and my intuition was ramped up on a massive scale. I was picking up on bullying with the one-liners, colleagues being aggressive, yelling at me, and no one understanding my situation as they hadn’t gone through this type of transition I had to go through. I was simply a problem and although I had the support of my Doctors, businesses are ruthless.

I did the best I could but I simply needed to resign as I realised that I no longer could do my job I was originally employed to do prior to the car accident. I think to myself that maybe they will go through their spiritual awakening later and realise, wow this is what Luisa was going through. This was my path I had to follow, what was simply OK then was no longer OK now. I was released a month after my initial resignation and a month before my actual date requested. Relieved as the pain and anxiety was too much as it became worse with time, trying to keep up the pace of what I used to be.

Spirituality comes back into my life, with Synchronicity already in play


So before I resigned from my job, 1.5 years after the car accident, I started to go back to my Card Readings I used to do many years before in New Zealand. From here my world opened up and everything started to work in synchronicity.

I started searching for what was missing from my soul, except I didn’t realise it was part of my soul I was looking for, I was just looking for that message in a bottle.

I remember when I enjoyed doing card readings others would say, you are so accurate and really enjoyed my readings. I kind of just brushed it off like it was some type of entertainment for them, you know, meh. However, it brought me joy so I kept doing it and continued to do so in Australia. Dropped it for a while and then picked it up again.

Then Spirit leads me to my answers


I happened to send my sister a few links to some healing spiritualists for her health. She wasn’t and still isn’t having much luck with normal methods of medical treatment and was too afraid to use Naturopathy as the Doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t approve these methods either. So before I knew I was an energy healer I started searching for spiritual ways for her to get answers and help. Out of those were Amanda De Warren and John Edwards who were both in Brisbane or Gold Coast region around these time frames. Attending Amanda’s was the beginning of answers for the both of us. I was just in it for a fun night and hopefully answers for my sister’s health, we both got a lot more. My sister got answers on her health and it lead her to other spiritualists as well.

At this event, there were around 40-50 people, it was a dinner setting and we were sitting way up the back of the room. Amanda did her readings and was finished returning back to the front of the room, we hadn’t received a reading. Amanda was talking with her guides and then turned around, “At the back of the room, are you both sisters?” In shock we said, “Yes.” “Your Nan has come through and she is asking you why you don’t cook still.” Very funny story I actually don’t cook LOL and it was a funny joke we discussed most times together. She then said to me, “Are you a healer?” I said, “Not that I know.” She said, “Well you are a healer, medium and reader. If you aren’t working towards this you need too.” So that was that. We made further appointments with Amanda who helped me open up my abilities that I now have activated. She is my friend and mentor and I will forever be grateful that Spirit guided me to her at the perfect time and also for gaining a real friend in Amanda, herself.

The work begins


So I began my journey, I received that ah-ha moment, that thing I had been searching for. Spirit completely turned my life upside down to be at this very moment in time, to obtain the answers I was after and where my life should be directed. The work really began with a goal in mind.

I started to:


  • Meditate daily, concentrating on my Chakras and guided meditations
  • Work and ask for help from the Archangels often, mainly Archangel Raphael who I would call on for healing for myself and others
  • Daily Card Readings
  • Do Spiritual studies – human design, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, angelic realms, various other subjects plus workshops
  • Activate Kundalini – bringing Kundalini up from the base chakra to the crown
  • Activate my Healing Chakras – Energy Healing
  • Activate Clairvoyance with the intent to see Spirit
  • Activate Mediumship – with the help of my mentor and Ascended Masters


I began having vivid dreams, asking Spirit to open, activate, re-energize and clear Chakras before resting. I started seeing Spirit as I see them now through Clairvoyance. My visions included from the beginning:


  • Pure white energy that looks like worms that can distort itself and either into a vortex or spirit.
  • An olive complexion, arm with a greenstone ring
  • A lot of spirits, faces and bodies going about their day. Every time I closed my eyes I would see them sit down by one another or walking past. If I asked them to leave so I could rest, they gathered into a line and walked out through the door in my third eye, then the door would close and it would be black. Yes they visually look like they are walking and when they are floating they have no legs it actually looks like a real ghost
  • My Ascended Masters who wear hooded robes, either individually or all 3 together and they rise up in my third eye spinning like they are ascending, showing me they have ascended within me because of the work I am doing with them
  • One of my Ascended Masters showed herself, Sansaya, with long hair and features were beautiful, she is my Mediumship Ascended Master
  • My Ancient Spirit Guides that are mystical, they are like Shamans or Maori Healers with snakes in their Auras
  • Clairaudience came through unexpectedly, Spirit took away Clairvoyance so I could concentrate on using this new method of communication. I now missed spirit. They have since returned and yes you do get scared by spirit at first but now I am lonely when they are no longer around
  • Kundalini herself coming in through my third eye, the scales were just beautiful and then she showed me her face. Startling at first but I kept my eyes closed and met her and it was magical.
  • Knights of the Round Table, castles and Lancelot. I have a connection to Lancelot which I am yet to keep working on.
  • Past life regressions without knowing it
  • Animal Totems – Cats, Wolf, Hawk, Eagle, Snake etc.
  • Family Animals that had passed, my own family members
  • And many other amazing visions both in readings, healings (seeing through bodies to the symptom or illness) and mediumship for others.


I AM aware, I have awoken, I have become awakened, and I had my spiritual awakening. I AM continuing to Awaken to more as the Universe is infinite just like our Spirits.

Spiritual awakening light

On my journey, I got this drawing by a spirit guide artist of my guide Manawahta. She also channelled a message from her as per below, which re-confirmed everything I was still trying to implement into my life. The baby in which she discusses, I believe to be my brother’s newborn baby, Asher. Archangels, Guides and my Ascendant Masters have all confirmed after Asher started visiting me from his mummy’s womb.  He would choose when to communicate to me and vice versa.  I would send healing to him and his mum when needed.  It was very special and both him and his mum are blessings in my life.



Blessings to you Luisa, I am Manawahta.

I come to you to bring you peace of mind and clarity of vision.

I protect you with my feather cloak, call me in and feel the cloak being draped over your shoulders. Call for my coat of protection when you feel in danger and concerned about anything and if particularly concerned also call in Archangel Michael and ask him to shield you and place his blue cloak of protection over you. You are one of great vision, sit quietly in meditation each day to centre yourself and be at one with spirit. Be at peace, breath gently and go within. Be by the water’s edge and when this is not possible go there within your mind.

There is soon to be a young one coming into your family that will be a special healer and light worker, they will need special care. You will know the one and they will know you. Continue to bless the world and delve back into the bag of tricks you brought forth with you.

You have many talents do not let them go to waste, use them to better the world dear one.

I love and serve you.

I am Manawahta, Nahndu

*Astral travel, ancient knowledge, Herbs, natural medicine
*Whale energy, conch shell



I have done a lot in such a short amount of time it has truly blown me away. I am still awakening to more of what my higher self, Divine Father, and Spirit has to share with me and I am loving it.


I AM a conscious Creator
I AM one with God and all beings
I AM one with the Light
I AM a divine spark of God
I AM beautiful
I AM magnificent
I AM eternal
I AM full of courage
I AM abundant
I AM grateful
I AM aware of my thoughts, words, feelings and emotions
I AM a high vibrational being
I AM made from love, therefore I AM love


Thank you for listening to my story, I hope this helps you understand how our Divine Father can work so that we awaken our true authentic selves. It’s amazing and challenging at the same time.

Love, Light, Blessings, and Healings to all

Luisa xo


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