The Power of Intention


The Power of Intention, doesn’t only take you down the road to those things called “Stuff”. This is now my favourite word that you guessed it, that Caroline Myss uses to describe the physical things we want in life, that are simply not essential to our growth, whether, energetically or for our life purpose. There is a need for “stuff” though for our basic necessities of life itself. We will come back to the material side of things later though, I really want to discuss intention being used for abundance in all parts of our life.


Let’s backtrack a bit first, heading back to where my life as a teenager began. Obviously back then I was so ready for the world that I thought I was the shizzle. I know my only intention was, “OK Luisa let’s fit in here” or, “How can I make an excuse to get over to my cousins house, so I could hangout, instead of being around my lame house (sorry mum LOL)” or, “Where the next party was” or, “I wonder if he loves me.” All of these questions are actually intentions. So if we injected fear into any of these, our actual intention was self-destruction of each and every moment. So as a teenager I didn’t do very well at all because I was always looking for acceptance or making wrong choices. If only we knew better as a teenager.


Fast forward through to my life as a Mum. My intention was to have a wonderful family of love and acceptance. ACCEPTANCE being the keyword. However, fear seeped in and worries and concerns about security in general? Fear is our worst enemy, it destroys all dreams. I ended up on my own while the Father gapped it to New Zealand, and his family no longer wanted to have me in their home since their son no longer lived there. So 8 months pregnant, I went back to my mums and a few months later I had my handsome and complex son Tahu. It was me and Tahu against the world. My life was never straight forward and it certainly didn’t feel blessed, because of the struggles both of us faced on our own.


Long story short, the FEAR OF ACCEPTANCE had DESTROYED my INTENDED OUTCOMES. I essentially welcomed the opposite into my life up until recently. I experienced ABANDONMENT, instead of ACCEPTANCE, over and over again. This cascaded down, unfortunately, through to my son because of the choices I made. This is the real KARMA of this type of energy we place out to the universe.


So here is how to do it correctly. DROP THE FEAR, get rid of it, it is from the Ego that is part of our Shadow that holds our fears.

When we create an intention by willing or wishing it into being we manifest not on our own but in co-creation with Source, ArchAngels, Your Spiritual Team and in essence the Universe.

The Ego works with logic or a belief system that was instill in us as a child, thus it creates an energy of self-doubt, which is an energy that destroys us on our path to Abundance.

When we come form a place of Love we are allowing ourselves to self-love, be self-aware, self-accept and in turn this same Love allows for the flow of energy to pass through our being out into the Universe, willing forward our manifestation of abundance.  You allow yourself to accept that which was yours to begin with.

I just want to make sure you understood that message that I am channeling direct from my Spiritual Team and Archangels.

Set your intentions with LOVE ONLY, this is when it becomes the Power of Intention.

The Power of Intention ushers forth blessings directly from SOURCE and the UNIVERSE.


So I am going to backtrack again to the word LOVE. We need to develop self-love and love in general. We can sometimes find this difficult when we are challenged on a daily basis. LOVE & ACCEPTANCE is when you have developed, BELIEF and FAITH in yourself, Source and the Universe.

The saying goes, “Love thyself first and you will be loved” but as I have grown even more through my own expansion of the SELF, the Love that YOU receive isn’t just small amounts its huge, I mean huge.  It gives you peace, expansion of all that you can be and what truly is, healing and massive amounts of love it can bring you to the floor in tears.



Here are some pointers on cultivating self-love physically and spiritually into your life:

Affirmations – these are great to read all day whenever you have a free moment. These help to reorganise your thoughts of yourself and the world and your body and heart become lighter through affirmations of Love. My favourite is Louise Hay an example is: I love and approve of myself


Meditation – Yup, you thought you were going to get away with it and avoid meditation completely, LOL. Everyone has their own view on how long they should do meditation 15, 20 or 30 minutes. To me it doesn’t really matter, it’s what you feel guided to do and what you feel comfortable with. Here you will find some Hay House Meditations and here for Lilian Eden and here for Michael Sealey are other favourites of mine. Just browse and see what you need, these are mostly guided meditations.

Relaxation – Massage, Nails or a really nice treat for yourself as you deserve to nourish yourself and your soul.

Show Love in Action – Quote “Even after all this time the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. – Wayne Dyer. Isn’t this a fantastic quote, it really shows the depth of becoming selfless.


Surround yourself with like-minded people

Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with our Source Pure White Healing Light to cleanse your soul of all lower vibrations, hurt, fear, worries and concerns and to encompass your whole energy field inside and out with his Divine Love of Pure Light. You can always rely on Archangel Michael to cut any cords of these lower negative energies and cloak or shield you when needed.

Lastly but most importantly is Prayer. A simple prayer to Source with Faith, Love and Gratitude is sometimes all that’s needed.


Creating an intention can be done by willing it in meditation, writing, speaking, artistically etc. The key thing is to know it is yours, act as if you have it already, feel how it would be like living in that very moment you are manifesting and say I deserve this with every ounce of being because it is coming from a place of gratitude, love and happiness.

These 3 words are very important to use when setting intention because how you feel when you receive it should be with love, gratitude and happiness. The next words are “I will into my existence now and harmoniously………………………with love, gratitude and happiness.”

This is the complete vision of The Power of Intention. Having that knowing that the Universe is on your side, that miracles are not just possible, they are already in existence and ready and waiting for you.

When setting your intention you advise the Universe, Spirit or Source that, you wish to have that which serves you and all others to ones highest good. Ask for guidance on your journey to make this happen. It truly is miraculous.


Just as an FYI, I’m not saying that if I had known this, would’ve the outcome been different? We are all here to learn lessons so we can achieve greatness by experience. Also to get to our intended destination we may need to take hurdles to get there, so always remember it won’t be a perfect landing every time.

I hope my lessons provide insight on receiving blessings NOW.


Here are some pointers on using The Power of Intention:

Let go – Don’t try and control or anticipate how the outcome reveals itself. Let go and let the Universe work its magic.

Center yourself – Using the Self-Love exercises to keep centred. Do not think about what you have asked for just ride it out and have faith and trust in the Universe.

Let go of any negative attachments – release all negative, fearful or self-doubts that seep in, immediately. You can do a quick affirmation to help such as: I deserve the best, and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask. – Louise Hay. The Universe loves me and has my goals in mind. They take 10 steps forward as I take 2 steps forward, always in front opening doors and creating optimal opportunities.

Details – leave all the details up to the Universe. Do not be specific, let the Universe do all the details. You are only provided what you need not everything you want. If you want to become a professional athlete in football, work towards it and leave the details up to Spirit and the Universe.

We are all loved by Source and wishes more than ever for us to be happy and experience love, happiness and kindness. Be positive always. Source and Spirit LOVE YOU.

Love, Light and Blessings

Luisa xoxo



4 thoughts on “The Power of Intention

  1. Thank you I found this beautifully written piece at the precise moment I needed it it. Gratitude, love and faith in the Divine plan the Universe has for me. Namastay and beautiful day to all!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I needed to read these words so much right now!
    I nearly cried at ” Source, the Spirit Team and the Universe LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY”
    I was recently taught to “Send negativity to Mumma Earth (using the bull-poop as fertiliser I assume 😛 )” and this has helped so much in ridding any negativity or fear that starts to eat me up and consume my thoughts!
    I’ve just started my spiritual journey, and I feel I can learn a lot from your Luisa. Many thanks for such an awesome blog.

    Much love xx

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    1. Hi Nickie

      That’s great. I am in the middle of transferring my pieces to my website

      Once you master the feeling of Divine Energy and coming to a centred state, you will know how to master energy.

      There will be days where you will feel depleted or your ego will make you question yourself, but, always listen to your heart and intuition and it will guide you on your path.

      Love and Light



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