Meet your Shadow

Our week has been about our unconsciousness, shadow or otherwise known as our subconsciousness.

I have actually met my Shadow Self (Unconsciousness) through meditation and my light self (Awareness/Consciousness) and they literally are together in my minds eye, they are part of myself that I have finally integrated together and now embracing. My Shadow Self is Knight wearing armour in Spirit form and my Light Self is a spirit wearing a cloak similar to that of Mother Mary how it drapes over the whole body and over the head.  It was a moment of amazement as I stepped through a healing with my Shaman Teacher.


So what is, the Shadow Self? It is an archetype (personification, embodiment, incarnation) that forms part of the unconscious mind and is composed of the oppression of creative intentions, intuition or gut instinct, desires, vulnerabilities, deviances and fears. The Shadow Self represents freedom or spontaneity, disorder, turmoil and the unexplored.

As a child we learn to independently keep good from evil at a distance, therefore creating our shadow self.

Understanding you are a part of the Universal Consciousness. What do I mean by this? We are all connected to one another and to the universe itself by energy.  The universe is so dense with energy that there is paramounts of it for all of us, for healing and tapping into all that we’ve known before this life and what we need to know in this life.

Our body contains our energetic selves, our higher selves, our pure love and light selves and our shadow selves. So accepting what is part of our shadow self and identifying it, we are able to bring it into our consciousness instead of separating it or dividing it into good and evil. It is our choice on how we react to any given situation, but, if you are authentic to yourself you will be living a life that is authentic to you.


So how do we embrace and acknowledge our shadow self? Firstly, it isn’t a good idea to ignore your shadow self, you need to bring it through to the forefront and understand it and process the feelings. Our Shadow Self contains our heartache, anger, vengeance, domination, authority, doubt, anxiety, fear, shame, competitiveness, jealousy, lust, ego etc. Unfortunately when you supress these feelings it can turn into utter destruction and complete disharmony.

To embrace and acknowledge the Shadow Self, you need to “integrate” both the conscious and the unconscious.  Harmoniously bringing your whole-self into being, into the forefront by taking accountability, ownership and responsibility for your whole self, instead of rejecting or denying your inner shadow. Once you have done this you are no longer rejecting or denying yourself the right to truly be you, opening up a whole new archetype of light and dark. Enabling you to heal in complete wholeness, have a sense of sanity and acceptance of YOU and your creativity.


You can imagine, if you did the opposite and reject the full self, it would dismantle your soul and hence you would fall to pieces, break down and have piles of stress for not accepting YOU. Integrating is a vital part of you handling your whole self and if you can’t then it’s a concern, of how you would handle external confrontations on top of not valuing yourself.

So for us to self-love and self-accept we need to embrace our shadow self as well, rejecting this part of our self is rejecting to truly love and accept ourselves. Become fully aware and deeply honest with yourself.

This is what I do, helping you to become more in your own power, guided through one on one self healing journeys. This is the biggest part of what you need to accomplish to fully be centred and aligned to the universe and all that is available for you to experience, in this life.


7 thoughts on “Meet your Shadow

  1. So, basically embracing the good parts and also the not so good parts of yourself and realising that it is these parts that make the full you? Do you need to be able to recognise the not so good parts individually to be able to acknowledge these? And once you have is it learning how to deal with these once they come up or simply acknowledging that they’re there? Sorry for all the questions just trying to understand better:)


    1. Hi Naomi

      Yes recognising your own Shadow is the first step to understanding the whole self. The best way to do this is to Journal everything and write a novel about everything you have ever experienced that hasn’t been and has been great. This allows you to see certain patterns in your life that need to be understood and why you may be holding this in your shadow, doing this will bring your Shadow into your consciousness. Becoming aware of your whole self and acknowledging why you are the way you are is the first step to self-acceptance and self-love.

      Becoming a Master of the Self will help you become more kind and thoughtful to yourself and to others. You become the creator of your own freedom to express how you feel is right and you completely understand why you react this way. The freedom is then given to you to think and feel in your gut that what you put out into the universe is for the greater good for you and everyone else, because you have become whole.

      I engage on a one on one basis to guide others to self-mastery, depending on what you wish to achieve I also help you then understand and know how to manifest into your life what you need and want by co-creating with Source and the Universe. Your guides are always beside you guiding you.

      I would suggest start with:

      Writing down everything from childhood to now, both shadow and light
      Reflect on this and look at your patterns throughout your life
      I also have an article here on burning the nasty parts to release the energy from you, just like crying it out, this allows then for any blocks you may have in your Chakras to become unblocked as you deal with each area.

      Hope this helps you.

      Love, Light and Blessings

      Luisa xo


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