Foot Chakras

The Foot Chakras, which is part of our energetic system, are located in the soles of our feet. One of the functions of these Chakras is to absorb the energy from the earth. This energy is related to our physical vitality.


Let’s talk Vitality, vitality is the biology of a living organism, from cells, to organ, organ system, organism itself, and our soul functioning harmoniously and healthily.

There is a life force which emanates the body and this energy flows with ease through the body’s energetic system, when the person is living in harmony.

Therefore, understanding there is an emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual need for stability through one’s own energetic vital force, explicitly harmonious and balanced. The mind, body and spirit restores its perfection and able to bring oneself to a state of purity.
Being at one with nature, outside, taking it slowly and smelling the roses, feeling the energy from the sand, soil, trees, grass, ocean, air etc. allows us to be completely still and at peace when we allow ourselves to just be and shut off the mind chatter.


The Feet Chakras is important to ground energy into mother earth that is in your body and that has come from healing, Source, Archangels, Spirit or Universe and then pull up mother earths energy and your own energy back into your body when you need to retrieve it.

It is also known as our Sole Chakras, Planter Chakras or Pre-Kundalini as Source or Universal energy passes through the body from our Crown Chakra through our Feet Chakras, into Mother Earth making it the first and last place energy leaves and enters our physical body.


The difference between the Base/Root Chakra is that the Root Chakra is about survival, instincts and stability, whereas the Feet Chakras are a passageway for energy to flow from or through to Mother Earth with intention, quickly and effortlessly. Also, the energy at the Feet Chakras remain impalpable due to the energy purely being transmuted into Earth-based energy or retrieved back when needed, such as healing or your own energy that you can pull through from the ether’s into your Heart Chakra and then ground it.

If you have imbalances within the Feet Chakras you may have experienced or experiencing the below:

  1. Vague, disconnected and disoriented.
  2. Unable to hold healing energy or other forms of alternative healing such as acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy etc. for more than an evening before the positive outcomes disintegrate.
  3. Feeling absolutely exhausted, even after an afternoon nap or an evening of sound sleep.
  4. Healing is slow
  5. Unable to make a clear connection with why you are here on Earth or what you really want to be or do in life. Unable to grasp reality.
  6. When meditating you are unable to connect with spirit as you have too much mind chatter going on.
  7. So many ideas are developed but you are unable to manifest or believe in yourself, therefore unable to complete an idea.
  8. Unsteady, ungrounded, unable to make a firm choice
  9. Pent up energy in the body where you feel overloaded with energy or even excessive negative energy such as anxiety, stress, anger, depression
  10. No sense of direction

If you answered yes to any of these, you could be experiencing blocked Foot Chakras.


When we open, activate and ground the Foot Chakras it will aide in balancing and energizing all other Chakras in your body and also the Spiritual Chakras.

  1. Using vibration to remove all excessive energies out of your body physically and with intention will help in the process or grounding and releasing it.  Set the intention of opening all your Chakras then allow yourself to push down through your feet all energy, healing, own energy, from your heart allow yourself to let go of all of it, pushing out the pockets of dark energy with it, you will feel it, all of it.
  2. Now with your palms facing upwards on your legs, call onto the Universe to draw in Source energy of the entire earth and universe, including sun, sea, land and moon, in through your hands and the top of your head, which is your Crown Chakra located two feet above your head.
  3. Through my own journey with my Shaman I connected with my entire being, it was truly amazing.  I got to my thighs and I could see tree branches interweaving through one another with moss growing on them, I continued down to my knees and saw the same thing, down to my calves and my feet and the same thing.  The tree was my entire legs firmly rooted into Mother Earth with green Moss and elementals with gold dust flying in and out of what is now known as my spiritual legs. Confirming my history with Shamanism and Healing is very strong and my purpose in this life, brought through from past lives. I want you to imagine the same thing, envision your legs firmly rooted into Mother Earth, pulling up Her energy up through your feet and your entire mid-line from the tail of your spine to two feet above your head and asking Her to continue to allow the flow to move through you to create balance and harmony in your energetic being.
  4. Have all of the energy meet at your heart; healing, balancing and empowering your entire body. If too much is in your heart, then send it all back down to Mother Earth.


Intention and belief is the key to this easy but effective way for you to succeed at this healing.

5 thoughts on “Foot Chakras

    1. Absoulutey true sis. There are so many amazing things I’ve found with myself in healing . Especially letting go and moving forward. Second was healing of my inner child inner thoughts of how my heart was made I’ll in many many ways. But believe when I say that I too see my whanau who have passed over . And I’m of the knowing and the ground that I stand upon raised me to height in my heart ,thoughts and too stop this feeling. Was incredible as I described. Your one amazing beautiful woman and J love yah with all I am we are one absolutely sissy😘😘😘😘😘!!! Positive gives me the energy and the foot charkas were definitely a hug huge part of my life and love and let love. Xxxxxooo

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      1. I am so grateful you are getting all the beautiful energy this Universe has to offer our soul and energy system, my sister. I love you with all my heart always xoxo And yes I know you love me more hahahaha crack up xo


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