4 Survival Archetypes

Four Survival Archetypes are the only archetypes that every single person encompasses in themselves. We at some point in our lives open ourselves to the negative and positive sides of these archetypes – Prostitute, Victim, Child & Saboteur.

These archetypes are characteristics of the Shadow. The Shadow as we know holds our Souls as prisoners by introducing fear, doubt, anger, sadness etc. The patterns of the archetypes hold power over our subconsciousness or inner selves when we haven’t developed self-mastery. These archetypes can have us stuck on a timeline where the repeat of particular patterns continue throughout your entire life until you realize that you need to evolve.

There is “enlightenment stage”  when figuring out whether to evolve or not. In Caroline Myss’s words:

“Enlightening is when you are figuring out why you don’t want to become empowered, you’re not attracted to becoming empowered, you’re simply exhausted with not being empowered. We may become so scared of enlightenment because our lives will completely change, it terrifies us when we finally become empowered and our lives change forever. This is the process that takes place in ourselves when we are in the stages of vulnerability and need for help.”

Are you ready to wake up to the 4 survival archetypes in your life that are primary to the way of your survival?



This arises when we have issues that cause ourselves to confront whether or not we will sell our spirit because we are afraid of physical survival. Am I going to negotiate my spirit? At some point in our lives we have faced this question.

When you want to feel empowered by standing on your own two feet, taking accountability and stepping into your power, you can become so nervous because you will have to become accountable for your own life and therefore become fully aware.

How is it that we find ourselves confronted by this archetype?

Have you negotiated time for no money, for less money, your body when you didn’t feel it was for your highest good, or taken advantage of and allowed it to happen? When we have depended on many others to make decisions for us, this becomes co-dependency and therefore you become dependent on systems that are not your own. Some life circumstances you are forced to give up your power, for instance an illness. These are only some of the things we can reason away, not knowing the prostitute archetype is in play.

How do we filter out the archetype of the prostitute and bring ourselves back to integrity?

  1. There is a trigger that forces you to look within, this is the beginning of your awakening where you will feel dis-empowered at first, making you want to change your whole life by shaking you up.
  2. Always take a step back and ask yourself which part of yourself is responding to this circumstance? Which archetype? With all of these archetypes you must write it out to bring into your awareness.  Ask your guides to show you when this archetype didn’t come from a place of integrity or honesty for you. Write it out.
  3. Becoming aware is the first step to realizing how these archetypes affect you personally. This will literally tear you in half before it will rebuild you. Why? Because you need to take a reality check into your own life and really look at how these parts of you have created the landscape in which you live.  Once you have done this then the work begins.
  4. Set your intention, go into meditation and call out to your Soul fragments, power, mana and energy back to your heart center, that has been left behind during traumatic times or given away freely. Once it feels collected ground it through your body into Mother Earth. This will make you feel energetically stronger. You will find some more information on grounding on my Feet Chakra Blog here.



The Victim archetype draws out of us the parts of us that make us feel vulnerable. This archetype is exactly what it means. At some stage there is a connection to where we might feel self-pity. Meaning you may have experienced at different points in your life suffering, misfortune, sorrow, regret, fear, shame etc. These emotions which are characteristics of this archetype can cause you to feel victimized in similar situations. The victim archetype just feels hard done by and can truly feel neglected.  This is a powerful archetype as it can cause major illnesses such as anxiety and depression. We then realize we have to develop self-worth. We aren’t born with self-worth this needs to be developed.

How is it that we find ourselves confronted by this archetype?

Always take a step back and ask yourself which part of yourself is responding to this circumstance? Which archetype?

Have you experienced being bullied when you were young? It might have been a sibling or an adult.  Did you feel scared or petrified at this point? Did you try and speak up about some bullying to be knocked back or told to shoosh, seeing it continue on for years? Have you been in a job where you have done the best you can do to be told you haven’t? Have you been ignored? You may not have experienced all of these but at some point a similar situation has occurred.  

This archetype takes a hold of your confidence and self-worth.

How do we filter out the archetype of the victim and bring ourselves back to a place of self-worth?

  1. As above write it out.
  2. You need to know that all of these archetypes can be overcome by developing a deep love of the self.  They don’t have any reign over our spiritual and physical selves when we come from a place of love and strength. You also learn that a lot of what is projected from society are issues that the other person has with themselves, just as you react is an element which you need to heal from. The major part to this is developing self-worth. We aren’t born with self-worth this needs to be developed.

Child – Wounded


When born we have broken into a new life, a newness of everything, new life, new family, new beginning, a rebirth and amazing untainted optimism. As a child we are able to live our life with vitality and newness every time we wake, over and over again, being nurtured and given a safe environment to be in. This as we know it, lasts until a sibling or adult we love and look up too says don’t touch that, don’t do that, behave yourself or any other type of ridicule. You may have been idolized as a child nurturing a feeling of superiority in your adult life. If you were treated as a baby when you were older it may inhibit “psychological maturation.”

Caroline Myss says:

“The child within responds whether fair or not and then will react or respond. The child first learns the principle of cause and effect that manifests as due and deserve when you are a child. If these issues as a child does not come into your awareness, the wounded child, then it can move into our adult lives.”

How is it that we find ourselves confronted by this archetype?

You may suffer by trying to fit into social groups or even your tribe. Some other behaviors are, feeling of superiority, unable to reason, social expectations, lonely, withdrawn, hypersensitive or belief systems.

According to Caroline Myss its presence ranges from:

“childish to childlike longing for the innocent, regardless of age” and comprises sub-archetypes: “wounded child, abandoned or orphan child, dependent child…….”

How do we filter out the archetype of the child and bring ourselves back to a place of maturity and evolution of the self?

  1. Write it out
  2. Developing self-worth & self-love
  3. Inner child work
  4. Catch yourself before you speak, feel into it and understand your weaknesses and strengths



This archetype is the energy that undermines or sabotages your empowerment. Do you undermine your choices or your own self-worth? Letting go of your truth that is authentic to you in any given situation leads you to self-sabotage. Belief systems whether cultural, tribal, social or work, hold you in the belief that you don’t have any control over your choices in life. Inheritance of anything is an inheritance. Discovering that you have more then one choice, yes or no, whatever comes from the heart center for your soul, your own choice is very empowering. When you realize that you do in fact have more than one choice you will become self-empowered instead of self-sabotaging your life.

How is it that we find ourselves confronted by this archetype?

Do you think about what others may think of you if you choose what you truly believe to be for your own highest good? Then choose the opposite? Do you seek confirmation from everyone else but yourself? If you do, this is a big indication that this archetype is at play through your subconsciousness.

How do we filter out the archetype of the saboteur and bring ourselves back to a place of strength of the self?

  1. Yes self-worth, knowing your own self-worth is the foundation to sitting in your own power
  2. Being centered in all that you are, you are a remarkable human being
  3. You will now rely on the guidance of your spiritual team who will let you know what is for your highest good
  4. You must surround yourself with others that honor your strength of self-empowerment and who are also centered within themselves
  5. Others may feel dis-empowered by you making the shift but this is the energetic balance that you want to be in

If you are needing someone to guide, hold space and helping you heal I offer healing Journey’s that will strengthen you and focus on these aspects plus the full spectrum of the Shadow itself. Bringing into your awareness so it can be healed is the first part. Then I take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery of your physical and spiritual world.

To find out more please PM me on my Facebook Page.

Much Love, Light and Grace


Luisa xo

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