Healthy Relationship with You


Having a healthy relationship with YOU is the foundation of co-existing in harmony with the human and soul aspects of the self.

Look deeply at your own person that encompasses your; characteristics of your subconsciousness and consciousness, energy, personality, reality that you co-created, and then there is you as a whole.

To spend time with someone else you must learn to spend time on your own first. Learning to appreciate, know, value and love the space which you create for yourself. When you do this you will notice you have more energy to offer another person because you are at ONE & at Peace with who you truly are, you have a healthy relationships with YOU.

Before I experienced my own spiritual awakening, vulnerability was mistaken as weakness, others not loving, liking or not having time for me was mistaken for the need to be accepted, being rejected was mistaken as “I don’t have anything to offer”, these were all conjured up by me. Do you see the wasted energy in these, oh my goodness, it has opened me up to how much transpired in my thoughts just writing that and how much my own Being clung onto the world for love, acceptance and life itself.

To form a healthy relationship with yourself all of this must come into your awareness and you must keep digging for more stuff until you have a clear sense of clarity in you and who you are. Until something triggers you and it opens up something you need to heal, investigate (why, how) and acknowledge.


The next step is to develop a deep understanding of what self-worth truly means for you. For me it means to value, love and appreciate yourself, knowing self-acceptance is all that is needed and not the external acceptance. Our deep understanding of this allows us to place faith, belief and hope in our own selves. Within our own selves lies the magick within to everything. This magick releases us from the shackles of what we believe ourselves to be or the beliefs of what others believe us to be based on others belief systems.

Here are some points on creating a healthy relationship with YOU:

  1. Yes all of the top is necessary
  2. Release and let go of the old belief systems and behavioral patterns that no longer are authentic to your way of truth
  3. Embrace you with love, light and grace
  4. Self-Care
  5. Laugh
  6. Manifest by co-creating with the universe your reality, your health and your dreams
  7. Follow your intuition, instincts and heart
  8. Be around others where you are like-minded and same vibration.  Vibration in reference to where they are heading, lower or higher, where are you heading?
  9. Spoil yourself
  10. Live in GRATITUDE
  11. Be Kind to Yourself
  12. When you accept and love yourself you will naturally let go of your inner perfectionist and embrace your instincts and intuition more freely
  13. Be your authentic self and be honest
  14. Watch what you send out to the universe because if it’s a low vibration such as judgement, blame or anger, then this is a reflection of your inner world and what you still need to heal, acknowledge and sort out.
  15. Your inner critic, victim, saboteur, child, prostitute archetypes plus others you have adopted must be understood and just become conscious of them, there are positives and negatives of all archetypes.

Lastly I leave you with this message:

I know you understand that co-creating, is creating your reality with the Universe, your Spiritual Guides, Source, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Totems and so on. However, our soul has the highest life purpose to serve before we entered the atmosphere of Mother Earth and because of this we are on a mission to ensure we are serving this to our highest potential.  Therefore, when co-creating your reality, ensure it is for your highest good.  Your soul always receives what it needs however our physical human self continues to need or want, a feeling of not being fulfilled. So when you are setting your intention ensure you have done the work on your inner world, so your soul is full, then you will be aligned with your soul, therefore your soul purpose or life purpose will be fulfilled.

If you are to still become ONE just be aware that your Spiritual Team always has your highest good in mind no matter where you are in life. Always live in gratitude and take away the challenges you receive and understand the energy of it is something you just need to notice and become aware of.  You then need to act to EVOLVE.


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