4 Survival Archetypes

Four Survival Archetypes are the only archetypes that every single person encompasses in themselves. We at some point in our lives open ourselves to the negative and positive sides of these archetypes – Prostitute, Victim, Child & Saboteur. These archetypes are characteristics of the Shadow. The Shadow as we know holds our Souls as prisoners … More 4 Survival Archetypes

Foot Chakras

The Foot Chakras, which is part of our energetic system, are located in the soles of our feet. One of the functions of these Chakras is to absorb the energy from the earth. This energy is related to our physical vitality. Let’s talk Vitality, vitality is the biology of a living organism, from cells, to organ, organ system, organism … More Foot Chakras

Meet your Shadow

Our week has been about our unconsciousness, shadow or otherwise known as our subconsciousness. I have actually met my Shadow Self (Unconsciousness) through meditation and my light self (Awareness/Consciousness) and they literally are together in my minds eye, they are part of myself that I have finally integrated together and now embracing. My Shadow Self is … More Meet your Shadow