Spiritual Growth


What is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth is the process of becoming consciously aware of our inner spirit or soul.  We go through the process of removing everything in our lives that no longer serve us to our highest good, whether it’s, opinions, principles, concepts, relationships. Allowing us to grow spiritually and be present in the now, without the interruption of the ego.  How is this?

The ego is only capable of presenting itself in situations that we’ve experienced before.  As we spiritually grow the ego is no longer in control of our Spirit. We become a part of the universal consciousness, the ultimate energy of intelligence.  We develop a knowing and a feeling, rather than quantifiable data or facts.  We awaken to Universal truths, who we really are.

During this spiritual growth our life becomes harmonious, balanced and undeniably abundant. It’s literally about finding the light, turning on the switch, and becoming powerful in our new state of consciousness.



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